Up coming events

Name Date and Time
East Jess girls vs Berea 01-20-2020 7:30pm
Asbury vs Rio Grand g and b 01-21-2020 1:00pm
West Jess girls vs Mercer co. 01-28-2020 7:30pm
Asbury vs Point Park boys and girls 01-30-2020 5:30pm
Asbury vs Carlow girls and boys 02-01-2020 1:00pm
West girls vs Collins 02-03-2020 7:30pm
East vs West Jess. boys and girls 02-07-2020 6:00pm
Asbury vs IU Southeast boys and girls 02-08-2020 1:00pm
East Jess. boys vs McCreary Central 02-14-2020 7:30pm
Asbury vs Cincinnati Christian boys and girls 02-15-2020 1:00pm
East Jess Boys 02-17-2020 7:30pm
West Jess. girls vs Nicholas County 02-18-2020 7:30pm